Custom DTF Transfer | AUTO BUILT GANG SHEET | Your Artwork

Custom DTF Transfer | AUTO BUILT GANG SHEET | Your Artwork

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Custom Full Color DTF Transfers 

  • Just upload your files or select designs from our library.
  • Under each image select the number of pieces you want of that image.
  • Set the size, if you want to adjust. You can even duplicate and create multiple sizes of the same image!
  • If you need to remove ALL the white, select Edit Design.
  • When you have all images added and formatted how you like, press GENERATE DTF SHEETS.
  • It will automatically space for you on the best sheet size. 
  • You can edit that sheet or return to graphics

 When you are finished editing CONFIRM.

Please note that images may be cut apart for shipping, please leave adequate spacing between images.

DTF inks are water-soluble and environmentally friendly.  Not plastisol ink.

Our Direct-To-Film transfers can be used on any color shirt and all fabric blends that can handle 325 degrees Fahrenheit.

Commercial-grade heat press application is required.  These transfers cannot be properly applied with an easy press or a regular iron.

Our transfers have a buttery soft feel, nice stretch, and great durability.

Every order comes with complete application instructions and application tips.

*Washing Instructions* Wait 48-72 hours after pressing before washing.  Washing inside out and avoiding fabric softeners will extend the life of the transfer.  Avoid high dryer heat as this will reduce the life of the transfer.

**Color Disclaimer** Actual colors may vary.  Computer monitors may display colors differently to a degree than printed images can be produced.  Please remember that the actual color of your pressed image may vary from that viewed on a monitor.

  • the file should have a transparent background any existing background color will print (even white)
  • Use only high-resolution images (300 dpi)

By purchasing this item listing you, The Customer, understand and agree to the following:

  • that The Customer has and holds full and complete copyright permissions to allow the uploaded image(s ) to be uploaded and reproduced for use.
  • that while Shake and Bake endeavors to assure that no copyright violations occur, we make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied that such copyrights are in fact held by The Customer.
  • any image(s) The Customer uploads for print are therefore strictly at their own risk of use
  • Any image(s) uploaded by The Customer remains owned by The Customer and will be used for no other purpose than to fulfill the Customer's order and all rights and risks of use remain with The Customer.

Turn Around Time

  • Orders are generally ready to ship 24-48 hours from the time that you submit your order. 

  • If you submit your order on a Friday - the shipping day will be Tuesday.

  • If you are ordering more than 12 sheets add 24 hours to your expected shipping time. 

  • Add in the necessary shipping time and that is your expected in hand time.  

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